Our group is divided in three parts, “Operadora JM Romo”, in which we build a solution for your exhibition and supply your self-service store. We have a storage company; “Romo Racks” is focused in finding an integral storage solution for industries and commerce’s. “GDA” is a company focused in logistics and transporting our products throughout Mexico, and other countries.

We have nine distribution centers

We export throughout North and South America


Mr. Jesús María was born in Encarnación de Diaz Mexico in 1918. The Romo family migrated to Aguascalientes Mexico in 1923.

When he was only 17 years old he started the company. With an initial capital of 3,000 Mexican pesos, creating a small workshop dedicated to chroming metal pieces. For Mr. Jesus Maria, 1957 was a very important year when he starts implementing his particular vison and business philosophy to J.M. Romo. S.A, nowadays we can still see his business culture in company.

He assisted to furniture expositions, machinery fairs and many places with the vision of having the very best technology and to modernize the factory as much as possible. He was given many prices and recognitions on his labor.




J.M. Romo started business in 1935 by building very simple exhibitors for cloth and shoes. Later on J.M.Romo started making chairs and furniture for houses and local businesses.

It was 1963 in which J.M. Romo started making products for the self-service stores, presenting its first generation of metal gondolas.

A couple of years later the company introduces the Mexican national market shelving solutions for all type of storages, implementing a new technology which coated the shelves in epoxy paint. Epoxy paint is very high quality paint with high resistance and prevents corrosion. In the late sixties J.M. Romo equips the biggest and most important self-service stores in Mexico.

In the nineties a huge step was made for J.M. Romo S.A. de C.V., when the company starts exporting to all parts of America from the United States, central and South America.

In the year 2004 the company continues to grow building a new factory in the “PARQUE INDUSTRIAL Y CORPORATIVO J.M. ROMO” industrial park. This was with the vision to use the highest technology and machinery of all, and create the most dynamic line of shopping trolleys production in Mexico.

Today we are a business which Supplies from the smallest to the biggest self-service stores in the American continent. With 80 years of experience, we offer the best quality and services in the market.


To make the best furniture for all the distinct markets of the world, and to satisfy our clients with the highest quality, price and service in its product.


Be able to maintain our selves as a leader company. A goal is to improve our quality, production, design and sales for all the markets in the world.